Workers Compensation Insurance

Get the Workers Compensation Insurance Your Business Needs

Connecticut requires businesses to carry workers compensation insurance. Without it, you could face heavy fines. You also can’t qualify for state contracting jobs. Frazao Insurance wants to make sure that you understand your insurance options so you can get as much work as possible and protect your employees.

The Benefits of Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers compensation insurance protects your business and your employees. If one of your workers got injured on the job, he or she could sue your business for a considerable sum of money. Workers comp protects you from this liability while making sure injured employees have access to medical treatment and rehab services.

The Level of Coverage That You Need

The level of coverage that you need often depends on the size of your staff and the type of industry you work in. A construction company, for instance, typically needs more coverage than an office with just a few employees.

At Frazao Insurance, our agents work with each client individually to make sure they choose the options that match their needs best. With your help, we will find policy options that match your workers comp needs while doing our best to keep the price low for your business.

Our goal with all of our insurance policies is to be sure you understand what  you are getting. We want to understand you and your needs and you want to understand them, too. Understanding is the mission. Peace of mind is the result.

More Protection for Your Business and Employees

Workers compensation insurance plays an important role in helping your business reach its goals and stay within the laws of Connecticut. Many businesses, however, find that they need several types of policies to get all of the protection that they want.

Some of our popular insurance options for businesses include:

  • Health insurance for employees
  • General liability protection
  • Property insurance
  • Commercial auto insurance

When you make these policies a part of your business’s insurance plan, you cover more bases to make sure you can reach your goals.

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