Personal Insurance

Personal Insurance for Your Family’s Safety

Everyone needs insurance to protect them from the unknown. Frazao Insurance offers several personal insurance policies that can help protect you and your family from dangers in the world. We want to make sure that the people in our community have the right level of coverage. That’s one of the big reasons that we got into the insurance business.

Types of Personal Insurance

Residents of Connecticut have plenty of personal insurance options to consider. In fact, there are so many options that a lot of people feel confused when they start to learn more about which policies they should buy. The agents at Frazao Insurance treat each client as an individual to make this process easier.

Some of the insurance policies that you might want to buy include:

  • Auto coverage, including liability, comprehensive, and collision
  • Home coverage that can cover property damage and protect you from liability if someone gets hurt on your property
  • Flood coverage
  • Health insurance that can give you access to affordable medical care

We also have umbrella policies that offer extended financial coverage. With umbrella coverage, you get more peace of mind.

Insurance From a Company That Cares

Frazao Insurance sells insurance to help people prepare for life’s unknown events. It’s just one of the ways that we contribute to our Connecticut community. If we can make sure you have the protection you need, then we can help build a more stable community.

We also participate in fundraising and volunteer efforts. Some of our biggest volunteer projects have helped the Brain Aneurysm Foundation, an organization that supports brain aneurysm awareness, education, and research.

Your business makes it possible for us to give back to the community. We appreciate all of our clients and we commit ourselves to finding insurance policies that match their needs. Call us today to find out more and get the peace of mind you deserve from an insurance agency.