Flood Insurance

Get Extra Protection With Flood Insurance

Homeowners insurance covers most unfortunate events, but it doesn’t pay for damage caused by floods. If you need that level of protection, you should add flood insurance to your overall coverage plan.

Frazao Insurance provides affordable flood insurance to homeowners in our Connecticut community because we want to make sure everyone benefits from this financial protection. It’s one of many ways that we contribute to the health and stability of our community.

Flood Insurance Gives Peace Of Mind

Flood insurance offers several benefits that you won’t get from a typical homeowners insurance policy. Some of those benefits can include:

  • Money to repair your home after a flood
  • Compensation for damaged belongings
  • Money to clean-up after the flood, including the price of replacing carpeting, tile, and damaged drywall
  • Guaranteed compensation backed by the Federal government

Many homeowners in Connecticut can qualify for low-cost policies. Qualification often depends on your specific location and whether homes in your area have a history of flooding. Not sure about that? We can help. Our mission is to make insurance something that you understand. We know it isn’t fun and exciting – but we hope we can make it easier for you.

Flood insurance offers a peace of mind that you won’t get from homeowners policies. You never know when disaster will strike. We encourage our clients to purchase flood insurance because we want to make sure that everyone has the coverage that they need to recover from a flood.

Helping you recover water damage contributes to the well-being of our entire Connecticut community. Each policy that we sell adds to the community’s financial stability.

To get as much coverage as possible, you might want to consider adding comprehensive auto insurance as well.

We can even help you find policies that protect recreational vehicles such as motorcycles and RVs. No matter what your living situation is, we will explore options that fit your needs.

If you want help from an insurance company that cares about its clients and community, contact Frazao Insurance in Connecticut.