Equipment Insurance

What Would You Do If You Lost Your Company’s Most Important Equipment?

Every business relies on important pieces of equipment. Without them, your business could come to a halt. At the very least, your productivity would fall significantly.

Frazao Insurance has equipment insurance plans that could meet your specific coverage needs. We believe that insurance plays a key role in community improvement. Helping you find the right equipment insurance policy is just one of the ways that we contribute to the growth and stability of our Connecticut community.

Equipment Insurance Offers Protection for Your Business

At its core, equipment insurance exists to make sure your company doesn’t go out of business because of an unfortunate event. If a fire or theft would hurt your business, then you probably need equipment insurance.

In addition to standard equipment insurance, we also sell:

  • Ocean marine insurance
  • Boiler and machinery insurance
  • Special event insurance
  • Cargo insurance

Adding these plans to your policy offers more protection. Our expert insurance agents work closely with each client to make sure they fully understand their risks, liability, and coverage options. We do everything we can to keep costs low while making sure you are properly covered. This takes a personal touch that our agents can give you because they care about your protection.

Additional Protection for Your Connecticut Business

Equipment insurance offers great protection, but you might also need other types of policies to make your business more successful. Some of the most popular insurance products that we offer companies like yours include:

  • General liability insurance
  • Commercial vehicle insurance
  • Directors and officers insurance (D&O)
  • Property insurance

It’s okay if all these options make you feel a little confused. We’re here to help you explore policies that make the most sense for your business. Contact our agents today to learn more about how we can protect your business from unfortunate unforeseen setbacks.