Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial Property Insurance Protects Your Business

At Frazao Insurance, we work hard to protect you.

Practically every business needs commercial property insurance. Even if you run a small business from your home, you might need a policy that protects you from liability when clients visit. If they were injured on your property, then you could be held responsible.

Without the right protection, a flood or other disaster could also ruin your business.

Frazao Insurance can work with you to find a policy that closely matches your insurance needs. That way, we protect your company from liability while also making sure your clients, customers, and workers are protected.

The Protection You Need From Commercial Property Insurance

Our Connecticut insurance company has several commercial property options for you to consider. That’s true of most insurance providers. We set ourselves apart by giving you personalized attention to find a policy that truly matches your needs. When you choose to come to Frazao Insurance with your insurance needs, you are getting more than a policy – you are getting peace of mind.

Many of our policies will protect you from:

  • Liability if someone were to become injured on your property
  • The financial cost of repairs if your building were to be damaged
  • The cost of replacing lost inventory
  • Financial loss if you have to move to a temporary location during repairs

When you contact us, we’ll go over your commercial needs to make sure we choose coverage options that protect you from potential setbacks.

We Help the Whole Community by Protecting Your Business

At Frazao Insurance, we believe that insurance plays an important role in helping our community grow. That’s why we want to make sure you consider all of the coverage options that might apply to your business.

Some popular insurance policies purchased by businesses like yours include:

  • Commercial auto
  • General liability
  • Equipment coverage
  • Workers compensation

These options can help your business keep moving forward even when disaster strikes. They can also protect you from various types of liability.

Contact Frazao Insurance in Connecticut today at 203-459-9999 to learn more about commercial property insurance policies that could benefit your business.